Henderson Research Group seeks to:

  • investigate issues related to diversity and inclusion in STEM (especially engineering)
  • investigate engineering identity formation among underrepresented groups
  • build upon the promise of out of school environments for early adolescents as the space to investigate underrepresented males’ engineering identity formation and persistence
  • provide insights into the design of out of school STEM environments as communities of social influence
  • provide insights into best practices for student success
  • serve as an assessment resources for STEM programs
  • assist faculty with understanding and developing platforms for the Broader impact of their research

Undergraduate students- join the Henderson Research Group:

Due to the intensive training involved, we require at least a 2 semester commitment and a minimum GPA of 2.8. Students find that the extended commitment provides them with an opportunity to become involved in the work team as well as to get advice about jobs and graduate school, while having a substantive experience in a research group. Please contact Dr. Henderson directly at jahenderson5@uh.edu. Be sure to include your resume and student ID number.

Graduate students- join the Henderson Research Group:

Contact Dr. Henderson directly, jahenderson5@uh.edu.